10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

The reason why we call the first meal of the day “breakfast” is that it’s the meal that breaks the fasting from overnight sleep. The moment we wake up, our metabolism is the fastest. And when our metabolism is fast, more calories are burnt for morning activities.

Now, the calories burnt from morning activities come from stored glycogen and fats in our bodies. If we eat foods with saturated fats and refined sugar as our breakfast, we’re fuelling our bodies with our recent meal instead of our stored fuel.

Plus, refined sugar meals are faster to digest. You’ll end up getting hungry faster. The more frequent you get hunger is, the more sugar you consume. And the more sugar you consume, the more weight you gain.

So, you should have fiber and protein-filled meals instead of sugar and you’ll find recipes for these meals below.

1.  Poached Egg with Kale and Avocado

With eggs as the primary protein source, you’re bound to have tasty breakfast and a full morning. Plus there’s the kale and avocado’s vitamin C for immunity and antioxidant properties.

Get the recipe here.

2.  Protein Pancakes

Forget the commercial pancake you’ve known. That variety is full of refined carbs which is unhealthy! Protein pancakes are in now. Instead of syrup, make it tastier with peanut butter and top it with whatever kind of berry you want.

Get the recipe here.

3.  Fluffy Banana Stovetop Oatmeal

I know you’re going to say, “Again?” when you see the word “Oatmeal”. This time is different. Your breakfast will taste like a dessert. Instead of using the microwave or hot water, the oatmeal will be cooked on the stovetop. The oatmeal will end up fluffier making it melt in your mouth as you eat it.

Get the recipe here.

4.  Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Bowl

A satisfying and complete dish, this recipe is sure to nourish your morning enough for both your personal and pro cheer activities. Sweet potato for fiber? Check. Baby rockets for calcium and stronger bones? Check. You’re not going to regret serving yourself this one.

Get the recipe here.

5.  Five-Ingredient Go-to Green Smoothie

Breakfast isn’t complete without something to drink. All you need is banana, avocado, milk, protein powder, and any leafy green veggie of your choice. Then, you’ve got yourself a smoothie. It’s easy to make, nourishing, and delicious. Perfect for a morning rush.

Get the recipe here.

6.  Mediterranean Breakfast Burrata

Tired of eggs, meat, and protein powder as a protein source? Don’t worry, the burrata is a new alternative for your muscle-building nourishment. You’ll also have a good source of energy from the toasted whole-grain bread and skin vitamins from butternut squash.

Get the recipe here.

7.  Low-sugar Cranberry Orange Scones

For those who want a baked breakfast choice, EatThis,NotThat’s gives you a better substitute for the commercial donut. Their original scone recipe uses honey and dried cranberries for a low-sugar treat.

Get the recipe here.

8.  Rainbow Cottage Cheese Bowl

I’ve never heard of a fruit-filled breakfast that’s packed with protein until I came across this recipe. Your bowl will be filled with sliced strawberries, kiwi, banana, and blueberries. The result is a wholesome breakfast where every bite you take changes the flavor in your mouth!

Get the recipe here.

9.  Baked Eggs with Tomato and Sweet Peppers

Italian-style pasta dishes are mostly known for romantic dinners. This dish will break that stereotype. It looks like lasagna and tastes like lasagna. The catches are, it’s not lasagna, it’s healthier, and uses beans instead of pasta.

Get the recipe here.

10. Cashew Butter and Raspberry Smoothie

You might not like the smoothie we recommended above. So, here’s another fruity drink for you to enjoy your morning without veggies in it. Instead of choosing whatever leafy green to put in the blender, you have the freedom to choose whatever berry to substitute for raspberry.

Get the recipe here.

Remember to choose your ingredients well and review every nutritional value of every food you eat. Stay away from foods and ingredients with refined carbs and saturated fat. If a recipe requires bread, opt for whole-grain varieties.

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