11 Positive Daily Affirmations to Improve Your Pro Cheer Audition Mindset

As long as you stick with the proper training, workout, practice your dance techniques, and follow a healthy diet, there’s nothing else out there that could stop you rocking a future audition.

To help you further, I'm going to share some positive affirmations that kill anxiety and negative thoughts. Your mindset has a huge impact on your success!

If you dwell on these affirmations, I believe that you’ll be more than prepared for the auditions. 

1. I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. 

You are at home with more free time to workout, improve your self-confidence, and do what it takes to be a pro cheerleader. You’re on the right path!

2. I will persevere.

Pain and exhaustion is temporary. Tell yourself that you won't stop or complain because tomorrow, you get to reap from your hard work. The future is there for you to rest and enjoy your progress. It's also a time to step back and say, "I've done an awesome job." 

3. I am the right person to be a pro cheerleader because I’m strong, beautiful, and confident. 

You know what it takes to be part of your dream pro cheer team. With luck on your side and the investment you've made with your preparations, who are they to say otherwise?

4. I will succeed. 

Yes, you will. Many aspirants before you made the team as well. Others before then did. The reason they succeeded was that they believed they could and worked hard for their belief. What's stopping you now? Don't let it. 

5. I love myself. I believe in myself. I support myself. 

It's important to love yourself enough to know what you deserve. Believe that you have what it takes (the skills, knowledge, and attitude) to be on that coveted spot. Make sure that you support yourself throughout the way through positive self-talk and quitting the habit of comparing yourself to anybody else. 

6. I accept my emotions and let them serve their purpose. 

All the frustrations from failures and the disappointments of not achieving audition goals should be felt. Allow yourself to grieve and express your emotions when needed. Most importantly, use them as fuel to do better and lessons to remind you this: NEVER AGAIN SHOULD YOU TAKE HALF MEASURES WHEN PREPARING FOR A FUTURE AUDITION. GO ALL THE WAY. 

7. I feel proud of myself when I achieve my audition goals. 

Losing pounds in a few weeks, performing more reps, consuming less soda and more water, getting rid of fast food in just one month. These are small yet meaningful steps to be proud of! Each step takes you to another. You should be proud of yourself because it means that you're getting closer to completing your audition goals. 

8. I am confident in my ability to become a pro cheerleader

You studied how to speak effectively in public. You tossed out those unhealthy carbs away and traded them with protein-rich, healthy fat-rich food. You took your confidence to the next level by doing things that scare you and also setting yourself up to win in various situations. 

9. I put my energy into being a pro cheerleader. 

The auditions are a big part of your life. That dream of cheering for your home team. The crowd smiling while you perform. That achievement of being able to perform with cheer sisters who dance beautifully and with power. All your effort will be worth it.

10. I am grateful to have people in my life who help me become a pro cheerleader. 

You’re not alone in achieving your audition goals. Your partner, family, and friends have your back - and it is time to thank them for their help. Their words of encouragement are more than enough to keep you hyped up and focused.

11. I make a difference in the world by simply existing in it.

Your life matters and your dreams matter. It is your smile and your beauty on the field that will make people cheer even harder. Yes, these can become possible simply because you exist. Once you answer to the calling of becoming a pro cheerleader, you'll start making a difference in the world. 

Let the positivity sink in and acknowledge that you can do more. Having the right mindset is key. But don't just think positive thoughts. Do the work as well! 

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