A Helpful Guide to Your Pro Cheer Audition Outfit

Photo courtesy: chicagoluvabulls

What to wear to the auditions? This is one pressing question that pro cheer tryout candidates ask. How you present yourself impacts the judges’ impression of you. Now it’s your job to research what to wear and make them think of you as an ideal team member.

I would love to see you make your dream team. So, I’ve prepared a useful guide that has 5 apparel tips you need to succeed.

1. Check the dance team website.

NFL and NBA dance teams feature audition sections where they put up previous audition photos. Use them for inspiration. You’ll have a good idea of the typical cheer audition look especially if this is your first time. Did the candidates wear a dance top or athletic bra top? What about their footwear?

2. Read the specified outfit of the team you’re auditioning for.

Photo: NBA Celtics Dancers audition apparel screenshot 

Aside from the previous audition photos, all teams specify what you are to wear. Again, you’ll find this information under their Auditions section. For example, the NFL Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders want an athletic/dance top, hot pants, and any type of dance shoe/sneaker. On the other hand, the NBA Celtics Dancers expect you to wear a two-piece dance outfit, flesh-colored nylons, and sneakers/jazz shoes.

3. While following the rules, choose something that flatters YOU.

The goal is to blend in but stand out. What this means is that the judges should see you as a perfect fit for the team but at the same time, they should be able to appreciate your unique beauty. Do not limit your color choices to your favorites; pick a color palette that goes really well with your hair color and skin tone. Here’s a blog post on choosing the right clothing colors.

4. Add some sparkle!

Is your outfit too plain? Consider adding a bit of sparkle. Many candidates prefer creating their own outfit out of a plain sports bra. You can purchase rhinestones, threadless sequins, or use a sequin fabric instead. These are available online. The Lineup (Accessories) is a great resource. 

5. Practice dancing in your outfit.

Don’t forget to dance in your outfit to get a feel of it! Are you 100% comfortable and able to move freely? You might need to take photos and short videos of yourself in it to make sure that you look awesome. Consider adding extra support underneath your top to lift your bust. Remember that it should stay hidden.

Can you picture yourself dancing under the bright lights alongside gorgeous cheerleaders, cheering for the NFL or NBA?

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