How to Diversify Your Workouts for the Best Results

I’ve always been a huge fan of adding variety to my physical fitness routine ever since I got into professional cheerleading. Working out is pretty much like anything in life - without diversification, it gets boring over time. All of us start off feeling amped up. But as weeks go by, we get used to the movements. What was once a challenge will no longer be.

But there’s more to trying different exercises than just avoiding boredom. Our bodies pay a price for feeling comfortable with the same movements, and that price is the failure to see results in our fitness levels. We call this a “weight loss plateau.”

Here are some ways for you, an aspiring pro cheerleader, to diversify your fitness routine to get maximum results.

Diversify Your Workout Routine in Three Easy Ways

Core Exercises

When was the last time you trained the muscles in your pelvis and abdomen? A lot of women training for the upcoming pro cheerleader auditions make a mistake by leaving out core training. If you limit your exercise to your arms and legs, you won’t get a balanced fitness regimen.

Engaging the muscles in your pelvis and abdomen doesn’t just give you a slimmer figure, it also develops your balance and achieves a healthy back. That way, you prevent injuries when performing on the field.

Try these powerful core workouts:

  • Bicycle crunches
  • The plank
  • The side plank
  • Mountain climbers
  • The v-sit

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Just to clear up a common misconception, hiking is a totally different workout from walking. You may be engaging your legs for both workouts but in hiking, your body gets challenged more. Uneven terrains consume more energy by 28%. This lets you burn more calories than walking on a flat surface. Hiking also engages specific muscles in your legs that are often neglected in regular workouts.

Perhaps the best thing about hiking outdoors is the opportunity to enjoy a natural scenery. Getting fresh air, watching the clouds, and feeling the rocks beneath you won’t make you feel like you’re working out. The experience is refreshing and may offer you a better perspective on your pro cheer auditions preparation.

Make It More Intense


A simple way to add variety to your routine without changing the routine itself is to add intensity. Increasing the intensity of your movements makes your body burn more fat. Here are some intensity boosters worth trying:

  • Wear a weighted vest - If you haven’t heard of weighted vests, these are vests made of heavy material that increases resistance to your training. The vests have pockets where you can insert sandbags and small weights. Exercises in which you can use a weighted vest include jogging, push-ups, and sit-ups. 
  • Cheating - Yes, there’s such a thing as cheating when working out. What you need to do is do as many reps as possible until you actually feel exhausted. But as always, use a proper form.
  • Reduce your rest periods - Do you know that it’s possible to boost your workout intensity by decreasing your rest period in between sets? The rationale behind the effectiveness of this technique is that reduced resting time increases the lactic acid levels in your muscle. This allows for more fat loss and an improved muscle growth.

Final Thoughts

Whatever regimen you have in preparation for the auditions, remember to keep spicing things up. Challenging your body in a progressive manner will surely give you the fitness effects you desire. Don’t be discouraged just because you’ve stopped seeing results. There’s always a solution to that weight-loss plateau. Good luck!

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