Top Champions Use Cupping Therapy to Enhance Performance and Recovery

  • This ancient form of therapy uses reverse pressure and suction massage to increase blood flow, loosen fascia, promote lymph drainage, and encourage tissue rebuilding.
  • This methodology has existed since ancient times as a way to increase blood and lymph flow to skin and muscle tissue.
  • The PERFORMANCE CUPPING™ suction tool is an easy-to-use way to incorporate cupping into your fitness routine.
  • Available direct to retail consumers as well as wholesale to Physical Therapists, Sports Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists.
  • The PERFORMANCE CUPPING™ suction tool does not require heat or flame.
  • The PERFORMANCE CUPPING™ suction tool has a glass cupping base which can be sterilized (superior to plastic or silicone cupping tools).
  • The PERFORMANCE CUPPING™ suction tool has a suction bulb which allows the user to select the desired degree of suction pressure.

Easy-To-Use Precision Tool

It can be used in a stationary position for focused pressure-points (best for sore muscles), or the user can move the tool in a gliding motion to create flow (best for fascia release and cellulite treatments).

Does Not Require Heat or Flame

The rubber bulb creates the suction, while the glass cupping base allows the cupping tool to create sustained reverse-pressure. Unlike other systems, there is no need to use candles or heat, although a hair dryer may be used to gently warm the glass base if desired.

Degree of Suction is Adjustable

You will adjust the pressure, length of time on skin, and number of focus points to create a custom experience tailored to your needs.

Reduces Cellulite Appearance

Lymph and fascia manipulation, over time, will help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and scars by stretching connective fibers, encouraging cell growth, and promoting flow.

Post-Workout Recovery

Serious athletes appreciate the effect that cupping has on their performance and recovery time.

Cupping Therapy Reported in Major Media:

Although this form of therapy has been used for centuries across the world, it has not gained worldwide media publicity until recently. The use of the therapy by high-profile top athletes has brought more attention to this amazing modality.

USA Today
New York Times
TIME Magazine


  • Before using, first obtain the prior approval of your doctor. If at any time you feel any pain, discontinue all use immediately. Do not use if you have any medical condition.
  • Use the tool only over a soft surface like carpet or a mattress (the tool is made of glass).
  • Only adults should have access to the tool. Keep away from children.
  • Use only on dry, clean, unbruised and unbroken skin. 
  • To apply the tool, hold the glass base firmly in one hand, while squeezing the rubber bulb with the other hand.
  • With the bulb still squeezed, place the glass base onto the skin (avoid any boney areas and apply only to skin that has a layer of muscle or fat).
  • Release the bulb to create suction and draw the skin up a maximum of one-half inch (0.5"). 
  • Do not press down. The tool will stay on via its own light suction.
  • There should be no pain. If you feel any pain, select a different location or discontinue use.
  • Faint pinkness is normal. Do not leave on beyond a faint pinkness; the tool should not be used to the point of creating heavy bruising.
  • There are two forces of pressure created at the point where the tool meets the skin: There is a light downward pressure of the glass base edge against the skin, together with a suction reverse-pressure created within the glass cup.
  • The pinkness is related to the flow of blood and lymph within the skin and tissues.
  • Always remove the tool before there is redness.
  • If desired, the tool can be moved in a gliding motion for fascia manipulation and cellulite appearance reduction (with long-term regular use).
  • When gliding, always move towards the heart.
  • To remove the tool, first squeeze the rubber bulb.
  • When pressure drops and releases, you can gently lift the glass base off the skin.
  • The tool may also be used with or without suction as a massager in zig zag, circular, or parallel strokes.
  • OPTIONAL: The use of the tool does ot require flame or heat. However, if desired, the glass cup may be heated gently to a low heat with a hair dryer prior to application on the body.
  • Use only as often as advised by your doctor. 
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